October 2, 2020
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Connection details

Here you can find all necessary information related to the technical aspects of the event. 

The event will consist of two kind of streams: a local videocall and a Europe-wide central livestream. The local videocall is used for the local parts of the event, i.e. the introductory lecture and the education session. For each location a local videocall will be set up corresponding to the location/language zones. There will be only one central livestream, which will be used to connect all locations near the end of the day. 

Hardware requirements:

  • Laptop/PC
  • Microphone
  • Webcam

Internet requirements:

  • Minimum: a stable internet connection of at least 3 Mbps up/down bandwidth
  • Optimal: a stable internet connection of 10 Mbps up/down on a hardwired Ethernet or fiber connection (Coax and Twisted Pair DSL)

Required programs:

Note: These need to be downloaded/accessible before the start of the event!

  • Webbrowser of your choice
  • Zoom

A detailed step-by-step manual on how to download and use Zoom will be made available to all participants. Zoom is free to use/download.