Welcome to the European Fusion Teacher Day

Local rooms, central livestream (Online)

Local rooms, central livestream



Please contact us if you still want to participate.

Secondary school teachers welcome to remote Fusion Teacher Day, 2 October. Registration free of charge and open now. 

The European Fusion Teacher Day is open to all science and physics teachers in Europe. Experts from national fusion labs and universities introduce fusion and present classroom material, suitable for secondary schools. Also, international fusion experiments open their virtual doors to provide the participant with a look behind the scenes.

For many people, secondary school teachers are the first ambassadors of science they would meet in their lives: the impact of enthusiastic role-models with a passion for science on eager students is incredible. 

We aim to make knowledge of nuclear fusion accessible for everyone. To secure the future of nuclear fusion, a skilled and diverse fusion workforce is needed: young people should be welcomed to the fusion research and engineering community.

On these pages you can sign up for the event and find all relevant information, from the program for the day, to a step by step manual on how to set up your remote connection. Participation in the event and the material will be free of charge.

For general questions, or to join with your institute, contact:
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