2 October 2020
Europe/Amsterdam timezone


The programme for the day is as follows: 

Time (CEST) Activity Location Language
13:45-14:00 Joining the videocall Local videocall Local language
14:00-14:10 General welcome and layout of the day Local videocall Local language
14:10-14:30 Introductory lecture Local videocall Local language
14:30-15:15 Education session: Fusion in the classroom Local videocall Local language
15:15-15:30 Break: (brain) gymnastics optional Local videocall Local language
15:30-16:15 Livestream: ITER, JET, GOLEM Livestream English
16:15-16:30 End of official program: closing remarks Livestream English

NOTE: All local sessions will be held in the local language in cooperation with the local institute. The central Europe-wide livestream will be in English.

Description of activities:

Local: General welcome

Opening of the event and welcome. A brief introduction and overview of the day will be given.

Local: Introductory lecture

A local expert in nuclear fusion will give an introductory lecture. The concept of nuclear fusion will be explained, as well as the main challenges in the field. The current status of research will be discussed in general. 

Local: Education session

In this session newly (to be) made classroom material will be presented by an educations expert. How to incorporate fusion in lessons, how the material can be used in the classroom and where to find fusion-related material to use in the classroom will be discussed. The materials that are used in the session will be made available for free. 


During the break there will be the option to participate in some (brain) gymnastics to keep your body fit and to keep spirits high! 

Central: Livestream: ITER, JET, GOLEM

A Europe-wide livestream will be held, connecting all locations. During this livestream presentations will be held by members of the ITER-project in Cadarache, people from the JET-tokamak at Culham and the GOLEM-tokamak in Prague. 

Central: End of programme

The official program will come to an end and there is the possibility to ask additional questions or discuss topics of the day.