October 6, 2023
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Welcome to the 4th European Fusion Teacher Day! An annual event for all science and physics teachers in Europe, organised by FuseNet. The goal of the European Fusion Teacher Day is to introduce nuclear fusion to secondary school teachers throughout Europe, to discuss teaching nuclear fusion to secondary school students and to create enthusiasm for the field of fusion at the secondary education level.

The event features a domestic session with lectures by local fusion experts on current fusion research in your area. Next, the event offers a global livestream in which new (free) educational materials will be presented and keynote speakers from the international fusion community give an inside look into the largest scientific collaboration in the world. Both the domestic and global parts of the event are fully remote.

Participation is open to every science and physics teacher in Europe. Participation is free of charge. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance after the event.

Have a look at the features in the menu, where more information is being provided. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us here.