After having attended the Mini Workshop, the students will be able to:

  • Describe main activities in a product (plant) life cycle, specifically in the related nuclear (fission or fusion) plant design (or engineering)
  • List main activities related to licensing, list fission / fusion safety functions and distinguish between these
  • List some important design/engineering terms, and describe some interfaces of design / engineering and project management / procurement / construction / commissioning
  • Describe a design (engineering) workflow in a new build (fission or fusion) project, and the interfaces between different technical disciplines
  • List essential information and activities required to control the design workflow, and the impact of design on downstream activities
  • List some design (engineering) codes and standards and their impact on design (engineering) activities, provide some examples
  • List some commercial tools that manage design (engineering) workflow information and support engineering workflow as well as related management
  • Describe the challenges of design (engineering) in nuclear (fission or fusion) new build projects