October 14, 2022
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Domestic Session - the Netherlands

This session is organized with the help of the Dutch Institure For Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER)

During the Dutch domestic session, two researchers from DIFFER will tell more about fusion research topics that are examined in the Netherlands. The first talk will be about Magnum-PSI, one of DIFFER's most important research facilities. Magnum-PSI is a large device, that is used to study the interaction between the plasma and the wall of fusion device. The walls of a fusion device experience extreme conditions from exposure to the hot fusion plasma, which damages the walls of the machine. One major challenge in fusion is to find materials that can withstand these extreme conditions. Magnum-PSI is capable of firing hot, dense plasma onto test materials, to replicate the extreme conditions that wall materials will have to endure in a fusion device. Through experiments with MAGNUM-PSI, researchers learn more about how the walls are damaged by the plasma, and test potential solutions to this problem.

The second talk will be about controlling the a fusion reactor. Controlling a fusion reactor is a complicated task, as a fusion plasma tends to extinguish itself. Controlling a fusion reactor is like trying to keep a candle from being blown out by the wind using your hands. You have to precisely shield it, or else it get blown out, and you will have to take a lot of time to get it started again. Controlling a fusion reactor is also complicated, because many different parameters must be controlled at the same time. The temperature must be right, their must be enough hydrogen to keep the fusion going but the plasma should also not be too dense, the walls must be protected from extreme heat loads, etc. etc. How these parameters can be controlled efficiently and at the same time is therefore an important research topic.

After the two talks, there will be a Q&A where you can ask any questions regarding fusion research in the Netherlands or fusion in generals. The domestic session is scheduled from 13:00-13:45 CEST. The spoken language will Dutch.

Promotional Leaflet - the Netherlands(Dutch)

The promotional leaflet in Dutch for the domestic session in the Netherlands and global session.

Promotional Leaflet - the Netherlands(English)

The promotional leaflet in English for the domestic session in the Netherlands and global session.