October 14, 2022
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Educational resources

FuseNet has created an Educational Materials Browser, available here: https://fusenet.eu/education/material

In this Educational Materials Browser you can find educational materials regarding the topic of fusion, collected and monitored by FuseNet. All the materials that FuseNet develops for all educational levels will be published here. 

It is possible to search by category or by name. The materials that are especially interesting for teachers can be found under the category 'For educators'. Recordings of the previous edition of the Teacher Day can be found under the category 'Multimedia'. 

FuseNet Educational Modules

Over the course of the last few years, FuseNet has published five educational modules aimed at teaching high school student about the field of fusion. These modules are free to use.

Module 1 gives a introduction to the topic of fusion and teaches fundamental concepts of fusion. It also providing the necessary background information to for the other modules, which can thought independent of each other. Module 2 grants an overview of the history of fusion, from the first discovery of fusion reactions to the latest milestones reached in the field of fusion. Module 3 explains the basics of control theory. Similarly to how a thermostat at home regulates the temperature inside the house, the temperature and other parameters of the fusion plasma must be controlled to produce fusion energy.

Module 4 teaches a lesson in material science. In fusion reactor, all kinds of special materials are needed from heat resistant walls to superconducting magnets. Module 5 focusses on the future. While there have been many development in the field already, the first real fusion power plant has yet to be built. Why that is and how long it will take before part of the households will receive power from fusion power plants, will be discussed in this module.

Educational Video

Together with EUROfusion, ITER and UKAEA, FuseNet has made an educational educational video about fusion energy.

The video “The easiest thing nature does” tells the story of the challenging quest for fusion energy, narrated by the people that make it happen. The camera (beautifully instrumented by Polarmedia) zooms into the cosmos of fusion scientists; and it zooms out looking into its potential to deliver safe and abundant energy.

This film is to be seen as an introduction to fusion energy. So please use it. Show it. And be infused!