Jul 4 – 6, 2022
Orto Botanico, Padova - Italy
Europe/Rome timezone


PechaKucha Competition

Ever since the intial success at the ITER Edition in 2018, PechaKucha is a central programme element. To allow for a broad audience, the PechaKucha presentations are all plenary sessions. On the registration form, you can select whether or not you wish to join the competition. Due to limited time, only 20 registrants will be selected. Priority will be given to those who have been doing their PhD the longest (i.e. are furthest advanced in their projects). Registrations for the PechaKucha competition are open until the end of October. Chosen participants will be informed by the first week of November.

What is PechaKucha?

PechaKucha is a type of presentation, with a very strict format. A PechaKucha presentation has exactly 20 slides, and each slide will be shown for exactly 20 seconds. Such a presentation last for 400 seconds, or 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

Please note that it is exactly 20 slides and exactly 20 seconds per slide. You are not allowed to spend for example 15 seconds on one slide and 25 on another to compensate. Sticking to this 20 seconds per slide is an important part of this competition. It is therefore mandatory to set your presentation on auto transition, so that every slide will be shown for exactly 20 seconds. Below are instructions for the most common presentation formats. To maximise spontaneity, pre-recordings will not be allowed. We recommend to practice well.

Interested, but still a little confused about the format? You can find many good examples on the official website of PechaKucha. Curious how the participants of previous years fared? You can find their presentations on the Fusenet website, right here.

Prize categories

It is not a competition without prizes. Presenters can win prizes in the following categories:

  • Most engaging presentation
  • Best explained research
  • Best designed presentation best looking
  • Funniest presentation
  • Best overall presentation

The winners will win a cozy prize.

Instructions for confirmed presenters:

1. Try to be at a place with a stable internet connection.
2. Set your presentation on auto transition after 20 seconds:

  • Powerpoint: tab Transitions, check the in front of  "After xx:xx:xx" and chance the number to "00:20:00". The press "Apply to All".
  • PDF Adobe Reader: Edit --> Preferences --> then in categories you choose "full screen" --> and there you tick in the box "advance every xx seconds"

3. Please wait until you are announced before sharing your screen. After the screen share is successful, the host will indicate that you can start your presentation and your 20x20 seconds start.